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Looking Back

Welden Chatelle (right) poses with neighborhood friends on their cycles atop Moloney Hill during the early 1900s. The unidentified boy at left is riding a cycle powered by moving the handlebars back and forth. The girl in the middle is thought to be Sylvia Thompson. (Photograph courtesy of Edwyna Nordstrom) Welden Chatelle (right) poses with neighborhood friends on their cycles atop Moloney Hill during the early 1900s. The unidentified boy at left is riding a cycle powered by moving the handlebars back and forth. The girl in the middle is thought to be Sylvia Thompson. (Photograph courtesy of Edwyna Nordstrom) 115 Years Ago

The St. Ignace News

Saturday, November 28, 1891

Don't forget the date or the place - December 10 - grand opening of holiday goods at Stellwagen & Kynoch.

James Connors is busy contracting for stave bolts for the barrel factory; 200,000 barrels are sure to be manufactured in 1892 and an effort will be made to turn out 300,000.

J.F. Moloney says if he can get the necessary machinery in time he expects to have the St. Ignace electric light plant ready to run about the first of December. - Cheboygan Tribune

A certain dry goods clerk in this city, when getting over a barbed wire fence in the third ward last Sunday, his coat tail caught and he was held fast, with his feet just touching the ground. His employer happened along soon after and released him.

O.W. Johnson has offered Mr. Worden, the shingle manufacturer, all the ground he requires, for a term of years free if he will establish a shingle factory over near the mill. Mr. Johnson is also doing his utmost to lease or sell the mill plant to parties who will start it up and keep it running.

The "Salon Club" party at Orth's Thursday evening was the most enjoyable affair of the kind ever held in the city. The attendance was large, the music good, and the floor in excellent condition. Supper was served at the Russell House. Dancing was kept up until 4 a.m. when the party broke up.

Members of the council have been interviewed on the subject of putting an electric light in the park in front of the M.L. Company's store, and we are pleased to hear that the matter is likely to receive prompt and favorable consideration. A light should be placed there by all means. In another month, the barrel factory will be running, and it is also expected the mill will run next season, and if Mr. Worden accepts Mr. Johnson's proposition, a shingle mill will soon be started. Alight at the place named would be appreciated by the employees connected with the institutions mentioned and the residents would also enjoy it.

Gould City school report for the month ending November 20: Number pupils enrolled: 30; average daily attendance: 23; not absent or tardy during month - Alice Smith, Warren Shewfelt, Adela Campbell, Violet Schutkofska, Ida Schutkofska, Orville Biggins, Nickie Lutran, Floyd Stites, and Mary McArthur. - M.E. Williams, teacher.

George Orth is now a resident of Saginaw.

H.H. Ryerse of the Lake View House, Brevoort Lake, was in St. Ignace Tuesday.

90 Years Ago

The St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, November 30, 1916

The St. Ignace Athletic Club is the name given to the city's latest organization formed for the health and amusement of its members. At a meeting held last Friday evening, November 24, the club was given its name and the following officers elected: President - James Boynton; Vice President - Ward Quinn; Secretary - Gerald Darby; Treasurer - William Conlogue.

The opening day of the new Trout Lake opera house last Friday night was a big success from every viewpoint. There was a large crowd present and the wrestling match was one of the best exhibitions ever witnessed in the north. North won the bout in two straight falls, the first in 15 minutes and the second in 12 minutes. After the match, dancing was indulged in.

Next Sunday evening, Marks Bros.' show will be the attraction at the opera hall. Mr. Probst expects to put on a number of first-class attractions during the winter and the house promises to do a successful business.

The tug Favorite returned to this port Sunday night having in tow the old Pere Marquette car ferry 16 from Ludington. From here, she was taken in tow by a Great Lakes tug and taken to the Soo, where her owner, Peter Edward, will cut her down for use as a carrier for crushed stone.

Curtis - Don't forget the grand masquerade ball at Brown's pavilion Thanksgiving night. Come, all you pretty faces, and also all you ugly mugs, and show yourselves and vie with one another as to who can cap the climax.

Moran - We are considering a petition to our mayor asking for a paved street through the city. People have traveled through the mud long enough.

At least two girls had enough self-respect not to follow a drunken bunch to a beer party last Saturday night and several more had the wisdom not to remain when they discovered it was not a dance but a riot dominated by liquor.

Mackinac Island - On Monday, contractor Doud began work on the Brooks cottage, on the east end.

The Mackinac Island high school has organized a basketball team. The pupils are also rehearsing a play for Christmas.

Les Cheneaux - Mrs. Vancel Hodeck had an auction sale this week, selling the farm implements and stock, and has rented the farm to James Tripp. She is going out to Pickford to run the Grand Central hotel. She has had several years experience along the hotel line and we hope to see her do well at her new place.

Cedarville is not to be without a boarding house or place to stay this winter after all. Arthur Johnson, who has spent several summers at the New Mackinac at the Island, has moved his family into the Johnson house and is in a first class position to take care of anyone who wants a good meal or a bed. We know you will be well satisfied and your wants supplied by calling on Arthur.

50 Years Ago

The Republican-News & St.

Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, November 29, 1956

Employment on the Mackinac Straits bridge has dropped from a high of 850 men employed by American Bridge Division, U.S. Steel, at the height of construction season, to approximately 200 men presently working on the job.

Largest deer in the Naubinway area reported was a 17-pointer, taken by Orville Leveille during the first day of the firearm hunting season.

Predatory animals taken by trappers during the month of October in Mackinac county are listed as follows: 18 coyotes, one bobcat, and eight fox.

35 Years Ago

The Republican-News & St.

Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, December 2, 1971

U.S. Coast Guard authorities at the Sault Ste. Marie base reported late Tuesday that the Sundew, using a sea scanner and skin divers in an intensive search of the area near the Martins reef lighthouse, have failed to turn up any new evidence as to the whereabouts of the ACV-3, which went down in an estimated 100 feet of water last Tuesday, November 23.

Maryann Bedell of the Skyline Motel of Epoufette filled her license with an eight-point, 180-pound buck (her first) November 21. She was hunting in the Cut River area.

Mr. John Pojen, broker with State Street Realty, announced last week that the St. Ignace Laundromat, which has been owned and operated here for almost 15 years by the Ray Christiansons, has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Henson, former Detroit residents.

The election of the Rev. Kvam was announced today by the Rev. Rex Humbard, chairman of the board of Mackinac College on Mackinac Island and pastor of the Cathedral of Tomorrow, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Last year, the first crossing over the ice bridge to St. Ignace from Mackinac Island was made in January. All hopes for the same this year.

The second annual Blessing of the Snowmobiles, sponsored at the St. Stanislaus parish in Goetzville is set for Saturday, February 26, featuring safaris, parish dinner, Mass of Blessing, and dance, announces Reverend Fr. Polakowski, pastor.

15 Years Ago

The St. Ignace News

Thursday, November 28, 1991

A claim against the State of Michigan by the estate of Leslie Ann Pluhar, whose car plunged from the Mackinac Bridge in 1989, has quietly continued during the last two years and is scheduled for mediation in mid-December.

St. Ignace resident Mildred Vitek will spend the holidays traveling in the eastern U.S. with her brother, Mojmir Veverka, and his wife, Miruska, who are visiting America for the first time as a result of Czechoslovakia's new freedoms.

Cedarville and DeTour met twice in the regular season with the

DeTour Raiders winning both contests, but the old cliché that it is tough to defeat a team three times in one season proved right as the Cedarville Trojans captured the district girls basketball championship with a 43-38 win over DeTour November 28.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The St. Ignace News is seeking original prints or reprints of old photographs depicting areas in the Eastern Upper Peninsula to be scanned into its archives and for the Looking Back column. Photographs to be loaned or donated to the Michilimackinac Historical Society can also be dropped off at The St. Ignace News.

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