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Current Fees in Michigan Compared to Nearby States' Fees

Michigan has some of the lowest fishing and hunting license fees around the Great Lakes. A comparison among fees in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio follows. Fishing and hunting license and permit fees in Minnesota and Indiana are higher than Michigan's, and all can be viewed at each state's DNR Web sites.



Resident Fees: Firearm or archery deer hunting licenses and antlerless permits are $15 each. A license for both seasons is $30. Senior citizens pay $6 for firearm and archery deer, bear, turkey, and small game licenses. An adult bear license is $15. Waterfowl is $5 for everyone, including residents, nonresidents, and seniors; and an additional $13 annual area use or $4 daily area use fee is added to that. People younger than 17 do not need a license for duck hunting. Fur harvester or trapping costs $15.

Nonresident Fees: Firearm and archery deer licenses are $138, and a combination of both is $276. Bear licenses are $150. Small game annual licenses are $69 and a threeday small game license is $30. A turkey license is $69. Fur harvester or trapping licenses are $150.


Resident Fees: Rifle or archery deer hunting license costs $24. Both would cost $48. A carcass tag is $12. Access to parks for hunting costs $3. An antlerless "herd control" tag is $2. Junior licenses for 12- to 17-year-olds is $20. A senior citizens discount is not offered for deer. A Class A bear hunting license is $49 and a Class B is $14. A small game permit costs $18 for adults, and $9 for junior and seniors. Waterfowl stamps for residents and non-residents cost $7. Turkey licenses are $15. Trapping permits are $20.

Nonresident Fees: Firearm or archery deer hunting licenses are each $160; a two-license discount is not offered. Small game licenses are $85. A five-day small game license for non-residents is $55. Spring turkey licenses are $60. Bear hunting Class A is $251 and Class B is $110. The application fee for bear licenses is $3.


Resident and Nonresident Fees: The regular annual hunting license is $19. A senior license is $10, and seniors older than 70 do not need a hunting license, but are still required to buy stamps and permits. Nonresidents have to buy a $125 annual hunting license. Additional permits are required to hunt deer, waterfowl, and turkey, and those permit costs follow. A $40, three-day tourist license is available, but does not allow the holder to hunt deer, turkey, or furbearing animals.

Apprentice licenses: A resident apprentice license is $19 and a nonresident license is $125. A youth apprentice license is $10. A threeday apprentice license is $40. The apprentice license is part of a nationwide effort to get more people to pass along the hunting heritage to others, and encourages inexperienced hunters to accompany an experienced hunter for a reduced cost.

Waterfowl: Ohio residents and nonresidents must also buy a wetlands stamp for $15 and a federal migratory bird hunting stamp for $15 to hunt ducks, geese, or brant. The total cost to hunt waterfowl is $49 for all residents 16 years of age and older. A senior will pay $30 to hunt waterfowl after purchasing both stamps, or $15 if the senior is older than 77.

Deer: To hunt deer, residents are required to buy a $19 hunting license and also purchase deer permits. Permits are $24 for both residents and non-residents. Youth and senior deer permits are $12. Hunters older than 70 can hunt deer free of charge. Urban deer hunting permits are cheaper: $15 for residents, non-residents, youths, and seniors, but still require the additional purchase of a hunting license. Regular deer hunting will cost $43 for adults, $22 for young people and seniors, and nothing for seniors older than 70.

Other permit fees: Turkey permits cost the same as deer permits, and follow the same schedule. Shooting range permits cost $24 a year or $5 for one day of shooting on a range. Fur-taking permits are $15 for both residents and non-residents, $8 for youths and seniors, and free for seniors older than 70.



Resident Fees: An annual limited fishing license (no trout or salmon) is $15. For all species it is $28. A 24-hour license is $7. The DNR is proposing a new, $36 three-day permit for all species fishing. Senior citizens pay $6 for a limited license, $11.20 for all species, or $3 for a 24-hour license. Children fish for free, and are not required to have a license until they are 17 and older.

Nonresidents: An annual, limited license is $34. For all species it costs $42. A24-hour fishing permit is $7, and the proposed three-day, all species permit would cost $36.


Resident Fees: An annual limited fishing license is $20 for anything but salmon and trout. A license with salmon and trout is $30. Ajunior license for 16 and 17- year olds is $7. Senior citizens 65 and older pay $7. The state offers a $31 license that can be shared by a married couple. A two-day Great Lakes fishing or inland lakes fishing license, including trout and salmon, costs $14.

Nonresidents: Annual limited license is $50. A family license is $65 (includes children 16 and 17 years of age). A four-day permit is $24, and a 15-day is $28. Trout stamps cost an additional $10. An all-inclusive, two-day Great Lakes fishing permit is $14.


Resident Fees: An annual resident fishing license is $19 for people ages 16 through 65. Senior fishing licenses (for people older than 66, born on or after January 1, 1938) are $10. Seniors born on or before December 31, 1937 can fish free. A one-day fee is $11. People 16 and younger fish free.

Nonresident Fees: A non-resident annual license is $40. A threeday tourist's license is $19.

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