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Les Cheneaux Community Foundation Grants Total $66,000+

By Karen Gould

More than $66,000 in grants, scholarships, and endowments to benefit the Les Cheneaux community was awarded by the Les Cheneaux Community Foundation in its spring grant program. Also, the second annual "unified request" campaign raised more than $50,000 in unendowed funds to support eight community projects and organizations. A total of $4,550 was given in scholarships.

The grants were awarded at the May board meeting and distributed throughout the spring.

The foundation also is embarking on a proactive program in grant making, said Foundation Chair Rick Shapero, by identifying projects for which funding is needed and the financial support given will make a difference to the community.

The new program is designed to fit the needs of donors and the community. A number of donors, he said, have indicated they want to make a significant impact on the area with their funding contributions.

"Economic and community development these days," he said, "are as important as any other work we may do."

The foundation also will continue to build on its endowments.

Grants awarded include the following:

• $5,000 to Les Cheneaux Watershed Council for hazardous waste collection.

• $2,557 to Les Cheneaux Community Schools for an interactive educational board and laptop computer.

• $2,000 to Les Cheneaux Community Schools for a trip to Washington, D.C., for the presidential inauguration.

• $1,500 to Les Cheneaux Community Schools for Jr. Trojans helmets and uniforms.

• $500 to Les Cheneaux Community Schools for the Artist in Residence program at the elementary school.

• Up to $4,000 to the Community Recycling Program to repair an old trailer and purchase a new one.

• $900 to Les Cheneaux Community Library to purchase a projector for the summer film festival.

• $2,000 to Clark Township Ambulance Auxiliary to purchase equipment.

• $450 to Cedar Cove Assisted Living for the Senior Citizen Health Fair.

Local projects needing financial support were identified by the Community Foundation board. Donors were able to select projects and contribute to several by sending one check. The funds then were distributed to the donor-preferred projects. So far, $5,000 has been given to the Watershed Council and $3,858 was awarded to the Great Lakes Wooden Boat Building School. Other organizations included in the program are the Les Cheneaux Community Library, Clark Township Ambulance Auxiliary, Clark Township Recreation Park, Clark Township Bike Path, Les Cheneaux Arts Council, and the Les Cheneaux Historical Association.

An annual endowment grant of $20,470 was given to the Les Cheneaux Community Library. An annual endowment grant and pass-through funds totaling $3,970 was awarded to the Les Cheneaux Education Foundation.

The Community Foundation is anticipating contributing about $18,000 to the Les Cheneaux Watershed Council in 2008 for the Cedarville Bay Weed Harvest Program to help eradicate the invasive water plant, Eurasian watermilfoil, that is crowding out native plants and plaguing boaters.

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