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Cedarville Dredging Underway

The emergency dredging project designed to take 1,900 yards of material out of Cedarville harbor was started Thursday, April 7, as soon as an extension for performing the work during fish spawning season was obtained and weather conditions permitted the work.

Malcolm Marine, which dredged the federal navigation channels last summer, has taken on this project, which piggybacks off of its earlier work. David Malcolm said he anticipates the dredging to be completed in a few days. Two employees, Don and Richard Malcolm, came from St. Clair to complete the project.

Before dredging could begin, a permit had to be obtained from the Department of Natural Resources to allow the work during fish spawning season, which runs from March 31 to July 1. The berms at Taylor’s Pit in Cedarville, where the dredging spoils are dumped, also had to be built higher to accommodate more material.

An additional challenge was breaking the ice in the harbor, which was nearly two feet thick in some spots. Other than having to dig the ice out, conditions were perfect, Mr. Malcolm said.

“Right now is good for digging,” he said. “It is nice, dry weather, which is what we need.”

Mr. Malcolm said he appreciates the opportunity to come back to the area for another project.

“I’m impressed by the area and what they’re trying to do,” Mr. Malcolm said. “We were treated well last summer and welcomed by the entire community.”

Workers with Malcolm Marine were so moved by the efforts of those in the Les Cheneaux area that Mr. Malcolm is donating some of the work on this project as an in-kind match for the state funding. In doing so, the company joined similar inkind donations made by Frank Taylor of Taylor’s Pit and Rudy Sherlund Trucking of Newberry.

“It’s not common to see this much in-kind service for a project,” Mr. Malcolm said.

Such contributions have whittled the township’s financial responsibility for this project to less than $1,000.

The federal navigation channels contract is awaiting one more survey, which will be conducted as soon as the ice is gone from the waterways, before it can be closed. This survey will determine if additional dredging must be done at Middle Entrance. Clean-up work at the offload site and Taylor’s Pit also remains. This work will be done as soon as weather permits.

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