2011-10-20 / News

Chief Wawatam Park Still In Progress

When Chief Wawatam Park, located on the Chief Wawatam dock downtown, opened just before Labor Day, a few elements had yet to be added.

Since the park’s opening, a kiosk, which provides information and displays artifacts, has been completed. Lights have been incorporated into the fence along the walkway, and the handrail is in place on the ramp to the fishing platform. Eleven benches, four picnic tables, and four trash receptacles are in place.

Deb Evashevski, director of the Downtown Development Authority, which spearheaded the project, said a few more elements will come in the spring. A concrete pad for a sundial is in place, but needs to be painted, and the sundial will be added. A totem of Chief Wawatam, a mackinaw boat-themed weather vane, a bell from a locomotive, a knot-tying station, and a few more signs are coming, as well.

The splashpad has been turned off and winterized for the season.

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