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Chief Dock Will Be Demolished

St. Ignace Company Will Haul Debris
By Aebra Coe

Maverick Construction, a St. Ignace company, will demolish and completely remove the deteriorating Chief Dock in Moran Bay. The company’s bid was approved by the St. Ignace City Council at its Monday, July 16, meeting. Maverick will dispose of all of the materials, estimated to be about 200 tons, and work will begin the second week of August.

Also at its meeting, the Council adopted a new ordinance to address smoking in city parks, approved two special events, signed on a list of elections inspectors for this year, and passed a resolution regarding city employee contracts.

The Chief Dock elevator collapsed August 3, 2011, and the city’s insurance has agreed to pay for removal of the material. Concerned about liability, the city planned to have Ryba Marine Construction of Cheboygan remove the material for $57,000. Ryba backed out of the project after winning a bid for a project in Wisconsin.

Maverick will remove the structure for $44,500.

When the plans with Ryba fell through, the city manager said, he asked Durocher, a Cheboygan company, and Maverick Construction to submit bids for the work. The Maverick bid was lower.

The city and insurance company have no signed agreement, but have communicated verbally, City Manager Les Therrian said. He plans to submit bills to the insurance company after he receives them from Maverick. The structure, itself, was not insured, but the insurance company did not want the city left with a liability, according to the city manager.

Pieces of the wood have been falling into the water and could damage boats, he said, explaining he and other workers at the St. Ignace Ma- rina fished out an eight-foot log in June. Some of the material from the structure is still under tension and the construction workers will have to be careful to prevent further collapse, he said.

Smoking and use of tobacco products is now prohibited on all City of St. Ignace playgrounds, recreation areas, and access sites, under a new ordinance. Previous city ordinances detailed specific parks where smoking was prohibited, but did not state explicitly that it was not allowed in all parks.

The St. Ignace Fish Feast and Bayside Music Festival were approved by City Council. The Fish Feast will be Saturday, July 21, from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m. and the Bayside Music Festival will be Saturday, August 4, from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m.

The following elections inspectors were approved for the 2012 elections:

Laurie Steiner (D), Donna LaLonde (D), Susan Shuler (R), Loni Brown (D), Darlene Belleville (R), and Barbara Kay Schroeder (R).

City Council approved a change in wording for city employee retirement contracts so that the city’s contract with employees matches up with their union contracts. Previously, the number of hours worked by a full-time, part-time, or temporary employee was defined by numbers of hours each week. The resolution the Council passed Monday night used hours worked each month to define whether an employee qualifies for each category. To be considered for full-time benefits, employees must work 160 hours a month, to be part-time, they must work 120, and temporary employees are those who work less than 12 months in one position.

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