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Sheriff’s Office Assists Stranded Motorist

To the Editor:

My wife and I and my sister-in-law were returning home one night recently after visiting with family. At around 9 p.m., we obtained a flat tire on the highway. It was pitch black out, and I called a friend and asked him for assistance and a flashlight. Just prior to my buddy arriving, a Mackinac County deputy sheriff stopped and saw my situation and offered assistance.

This young deputy quickly helped me to get the spare out and then to start jacking up the truck. My buddy arrived, and it was a good thing. My jack did not raise the truck enough to place the spare on the wheel. Thanks to the help of my buddy and his jack, and the brains and muscle of the deputy, we used both jacks and were able to place the spare on the wheel.

Without the help of those two guys, my truck would still be out on the highway. I offered the deputy $20, which he would not accept. He just wanted to help. At first I was upset with the flat tire issue, but now I have a renewed faith in fellow man, thanks to the act of kindness of this fine gentleman of the Mackinac County Sheriff’s Department.

Bill Lohff


Reads Newspaper Cover to Cover

To the Editor:

Enclosed find a check for another year of the best newspaper in the state. We read it cover to cover, and enjoy the Looking Back section so much. My wife, Shelly, is from St. Ignace. She was a Carmean.

Again, thanks for the great paper.

Brooks Partridge

Sault Ste. Marie

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