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Engadine Takes OT Win Over Cedarville in Playoff Game

By Stephen King

Cedarville quarterback Trey Norris looking to pass during the football game in Engadine Friday, October 28. Cedarville quarterback Trey Norris looking to pass during the football game in Engadine Friday, October 28. In football, the second season began on Friday night, October 28. That night, one of the most watched games was the contest between Engadine and Cedarville. These two teams have had a heated rivalry ever since Engadine knocked Cedarville out of the playoffs a few years ago, on their home field. This night, the contest was in Engadine. And the Trojans were coming in looking to return the favor. When the two teams met in the regular season, both teams came in undefeated. Engadine left with that record still intact, after taking a 52-42 win. This, however, is the playoffs, and anything can happen. This night, everyone on both sides was anticipating a hard-fought contest, but nobody expected an overtime game like the one that happened.

The game began with Engadine kicking and Cedarville getting the first possession. Immediately, the cold, rainy weather came into play as the Trojans bobbled the kick. They did get reasonably good field position, starting on their own 33. But on the opening drive, the Eagles defense, led by Dawson Massey and Scout Bigger, held firm and forced a punt on a fourth and seven. This gave the Eagles the ball first and 10 on their 37. Then, led by All U.P. quarterback Trevor Brawley, the Eagles offense went into action. Runs by Bigger and Jarrett Dailey moved the ball well on the ground. A Brawley pass to Carter Frisch got them closer. Then, Brawley called his own number and ran one in from about the six. A Bigger plunge got them two more, and the Eagles were on the board.

Back came the Trojans. After being stung by the Eagles, the Trojans offense started moving the ball. Led by quarterback Trey Norris and running back Chase Massey, the Trojans started moving the ball well on the ground. Norris capped off the drive with a dive from about the one. A Norris pass to Dakota Fairchild tied the game at eight.

Before the half, each team added another touchdown. The Trojans failed to convert the extra two, and the Eagles led 16-14. Then, the momentum shifted to Cedarville. In the second half, they scored twice and held the Eagles in check, and went up 30-16.

The Eagles had a much deserved 9-0 record in the regular season and they do not give up. Back they came. With a minute left, Brawley capped off a drive with a short touchdown run. Bigger added two, and the game was tied at 30.

In overtime, Engadine got the toss and took the first set. Scout Bigger, who has been the Eagles power runner all year, managed to find the end zone. Then, Trevor Brawley went right on an option and added two. Cedarville kept attacking hard. Norris kept pounding at the Eagles line. Each run got them a bit closer. But, the Eagles defense line was up to the task. Then, on the last play, Norris again hit the line hard.

The crowd waited in silence as the referee spotted the ball, perhaps less than a foot from the end zone. This gave the Eagles the dramatic 38-30 win.

Later, Engadine quarterback Trevor Brawley said, “We’re still in shock. This really hasn’t sunk in yet. We still haven’t quite been able to wrap our minds around this. This is a huge victory.

“We started out good. We stopped them on their first drive and came back and scored. But, they came back in the third and we were down 30-16. But, we dug down deep and came back. Our guys played with lots of heart and were able to make the comeback. And, I really have to thank our line. Us backs and receivers move the ball. But, without them, we wouldn’t be able to do a thing. And, tonight, our line did an awesome job. In that last set, they came up big. And, we have lived to play another day. We’re celebrating tonight. But, now, we have to get ready for Pickford. We beat them once this year. But, they are a 9-1 team. And the easy games are over. This is the playoffs.”

Coach Joe Austin said, “This was a big team win. To win in overtime is great. To win in overtime, in a playoff game, is extra special. Then, to beat Cedarville in overtime and in a playoff game… Well, it just doesn’t get any better. They are a good team. But, tonight, our defense came up big in OT and we got the stop and got the win.”

Eagles Offensive Statistics: Trevor Brawley, eight of 11 passing for 69 yards and a touchdown, 11 carries for 62 yards and two touchdowns; Scout Bigger, 29 carries for 195 yards and a touchdown; Jarrett Dailey, nine carries for 37 yards and a touchdown; Andrew Blanchard, one carry for 25 yards; Dalton Zdebski, two receptions for 12 yards; Carter Frisch, four receptions for 41 yards; Devon Legault, one reception for 12 yards and a touchdown.

Eagles Defensive Statistics: Jonah Miller, 10 tackles; Kyle Schroeder, 10 tackles; Dalton Zdebski, eight tackles; Jarrett Dailey, six tackles; Andrew Blanchard, five tackles; Scout Bigger, five tackles; Dawson Massey, five tackles, one sack.

Trojans Offensive Statistics: Trey Norris, nine of 12 passing for 152 yards, 19 carries for 120 yards and three touchdowns; Chase Massey, 18 carries for 112 yards and a touchdown, 55 yards receiving; Gunner Fountain, 51 yards receiving; Dakota Fairchild, 41 yards receiving.

Trojans Defensive Statistics: Derek Burger, 12 tackles, one sack; Chase Massey, 13 tackles; Grant Plowman, 10 tackles; Gunner Fountain, eight tackles.

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