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General Election Results

Mackinac County Voting Record (click here)

Updated Thursday, November 10, to include paper ballots.

Mackinac County Election Statistics (not certified)

Chippewa County Voting Record (click here)

State Voting Record

Mackinaw City results at end of this column.

The City of St. Ignace, Moran Township, Bois Blanc Township, and Marquette Township ran out of ballots during the November 4 election. These corrected tallies include the results from the paper ballots, as the initial report from the Mackinac County Clerk’s Office excluded them. The new tallies did not change the outcomes.


Mackinac County

New Jail Millage: Failed, 3,219 no, 2,271 yes.

County Prosecutor: Republican Stuart Spencer won with 3,177 votes to Democrat Kayla Pelter’s 2,795 votes.

County Clerk: Republican Lori Wisner Johnston won with 3,443 votes to Democrat Judy St. Louis’s 2,584 votes.

District 2 Commissioner: Dan Litzner 701, Nora Massey 468.

District 3 Commissioner: Paul Krause 571, Dave Sudol 332.

Mackinac Island

School millage passed, 305 to 112. 

St. Ignace Township

Supervisor: In an uncontested race, Democrat Steven Campbell earned 258 votes.

Clerk: Democrat Sheri Massey Oja won with 222 votes to Republican Kim Hagen’s 170 votes.

Treasurer: Republican Mark Eby won with 218 votes to Democrat Tina Jones Massey’s 174 votes.

Trustee: Republicans Allen Mitchell with 219 votes and Glenn McKenzie with 189 votes won two seats for township trustee. Democrats Matt Oja with 166 votes and Staci Nelson with 161 votes were unsuccessful in their bids.

Hudson Township

Only trustee race contested.

Supervisor: Democrat Al Garavaglia received 78 votes.

Clerk: Democrat Barbara Kerridge received 78 votes.

Treasurer: Democrat Jacqueline Prout received 74 votes.

Trustee: Republican Karen Kerridge with 65 votes and Democrat Gary Derusha with 64 votes won the two trustee seats. Democrat David Livermore received 40 votes and was unsuccessful in his bid.

Hendricks Township

Only supervisor race was contested.

Supervisor: Democrat Howard Hood won with 45 votes to Republican’s Ron Frazier 36 votes.

Clerk: Republican Barbara Price received 64 votes.

Treasurer: Democrat Cheryl Hood received 64 votes.

Constable: Republican Jerry Eifler received 59 votes.

Trustee: Republicans William Cheesman with 71 votes and Ken Collier with 58 votes secured the two trustee positions.

Brevort Township

Only supervisor race was contested.

Supervisor: Incumbent Republican Ed Serwach won with 188 votes compared to Democrat Luci Wallace’s 124 votes.

Clerk: In an uncontested race, Republican Heather Bird received 278 votes.

Treasurer: In an uncontested race, Republican Brian Olsen received 262 votes.

Trustee: Republicans William Orr with 233 votes and Jonathan Litzner with 228 votes secured two seats.

Newton Township

Supervisor: Incumbent Republican Fred Burton won with 197 votes compare to Democrat Bob Brotherton’s 65 votes.

Clerk: Democrat Nikki Tremblay won with 163 votes to Republican Sherry Salter’s 98 votes.

Treasurer: Republican Marilyn Strickland received 205 votes.

Trustee: Republicans Keith Keller received 170 votes and Democrat Ronald O’Neil received 147 votes to secure two trustee positions. Republican Neil McArthur with 128 votes was unsuccessful in his bid.

Clark Township

Only treasurer was contested.

Supervisor: Incumbent Republican Gary Reid received 974 votes.

Clerk: Incumbent Democrat Susan Rutledge received 860 votes.

Treasurer: Independent Jason Sherlund won with 642 votes to Republican Mark Clymer’s 503 votes.

Trustee: Incumbents Sarah Patton with 830 votes and Pat Schuster with 479 votes secured trustee positions.

Fire Millage: 825 yes, 242 no.

Moran Township

All races uncontested.

Supervisor: Democrat Jim Durm, 395 votes.

Clerk: Democrat Kris Vallier, 444 votes.

Treasurer: Democrat Sue Dionne, 420 votes.

Trustee: Republicans Mark Spencer with 416 votes and Chuck Malcolm with 345 votes secured trustee positions.

Moran Township School Board

(Gros Cap School)

All races uncontested.

Bob Lohff secured a four-year term with 357 votes.

Kyle Brow with 367 votes and Carrie Dorenbecker with 311 votes secured the two six-year terms.

Portage Township

All races uncontested.

Supervisor: Republican Steven Sicinski received 451 votes.

Clerk: Incumbent Republican Pat Maclachian received 464 votes.

Treasurer: Republican Marlene Porter received 470 votes, while Democrat incumbent Joni Davis (who withdrew from the race) received 195 votes.

Trustee: Republicans Patrick Abram received 470 votes and Edgar Holbrook received 432 votes.

Mackinaw City Results

Mackinaw City

Trustee: Incumbents Tom Chastain, Paul Michalak, and Belinda Mollen were reelected with challenger Enzo Lieghio and incumbent Mario Rodriguez defeated. Ms. Mollen received 248 votes, Mr. Michalak had 233 votes, and Mr. Chastain had 228 votes. Mr. Rodriguez received 203 votes, while Mr. Lieghio had 196.  

Village Trustee, Partial Term: Sister Chris Herald was elected running as a write-in candidate. No candidates were listed on the ballot for this position.

Village President: Robert Heilman was reelected with 333 votes.

Clerk: Lana Jaggi was reelected with 385 votes.

Treasurer: Patty Peppler was reelected with 366 votes.


Mackinaw Township

All races uncontested.

Supervisor: Republican Glenn Crisp was elected as supervisor with 251 votes.

Clerk: Republican Maria Munns was reelected with 245 votes.

Treasurer: Outgoing Republican Supervisor Donna Falor was elected with 256 votes.

Trustee: Deborah Closs received 261 votes and Chuck Brew received 208 votes as both were reelected.


Wawatam Township

All races uncontested.

Supervisor: Incumbent Roger Moore was reelected with 313 votes.

Clerk: Republican Michelle Karll was elected with 300 votes.

Treasurer: Republican Elaine Desy was reelected with 313 votes.

Trustees: Roy Cole received 313 votes and Robert Desy received 279 as both Republicans were reelected.

District 1 County Commissioner: Republican Toni Drier was elected with 1,833 votes from across Emmet County. She was unopposed.

North Central Michigan College Operating Millage: The 0.9946-mills millage was approved by a countywide vote of 10,921 to 5,553.

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