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Longtime Company Leaves Fond Shared Memories for Coworkers

To the Editor:

Arnold Line was not just a place of employment; it was a lifestyle, a family, a second home. It was a place where friendships were created and relationships bloomed, many of which turned into marriages and/or children. Whether it was the best summer job, a great job, or an excellent retirement job, it was the place to be, no matter your age or work experience.

Courage could be found on the hottest summer days on the roof of the “old boats,” jumping into the cool waters of Lake Huron. There was nothing better than having a cold beer after work with coworkers, no matter the outside temperature. Challenges were accepted in the annual Dock Olympics, in events that only an Arnold Transit Company employee could compete. Arnold Line even had its own language, and thanks to some of the “old-timers,” we all ended up speaking strange words or dialect not found in any English dictionary.

The employees of Arnold Line are some of the most loyal people I know. They stuck it out, even when the company scarcely resembled the company of old, the company we all loved. Like watching a loved one suffer at the end, they remained by its side, with unwavering hope that some day this place will be great again. Unfortunately, there was no “cure,” and Arnold Line is no longer.

This may sound like an obituary, and, in a way, it is. Losing Arnold Tran- sit Company leaves a hole in my heart, like the pain felt when saying goodbye to a friend for the final time. The communities this company served are going to miss Arnold Line more than they know, but it’s the employees and their families that really feel this loss. Not just for the paycheck, but for the hole in their soul that has now been created.

Julia Law

Arnold Transit Company 1998-2013

St. Ignace

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