2016-12-15 / Opinion

Who Will Take Over for Aging Skilled Trades Workers?

To the Editor:

A college degree cannot be the only option that we, as a nation, value. The 70% of Americans who lack a college degree have been forsaken, but with your vote in November, Donald J. Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States.

We have created a college for all culture, where alternatives to professionalism are not respected or encouraged.

We should support programs that give vocational skills to high school students so they can be added to the workforce. College for all has resulted in inadequate education for most high school seniors.

We have boosted high school graduation rates at the expense of rigor, resulting in many community college students who require remedial reading, and many of these students fail.

Meanwhile, all over the country we have aging plumbers earning a good living, with few prepared to take their places.

The path to the American dream needs to be rerouted.

Don Howe

St. Ignace

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