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Boys Basketball: Pickford Panthers Nip Newberry Indians in Nail Biter

By Stephen King

The Pickford Panthers made off with a one-point win from the Newberry Indians, on the Indians’ home court, Wednesday, February 8.

As the score indicates, this was a very exciting game with numerous lead changes. There were many excellent plays on both ends of the floor, and great multiplepass plays from both teams. Fans saw excellent defense, with more than one NBA-quality block.

As the game progressed, it just kept getting more intense, with neither team able to get and maintain even a meager lead. Finally, as the seconds ticked down, Pickford got a few to fall from the line. Wyatt Boik dropped in 4-6 from the line in the last quarter, then swished a three, which put the Panthers up by a point.

Newberry had the ball, and with about a minute on the clock, they had plenty of time to score when the Pickford defense went into total shutdown mode. Time and again, Newberry charged in, only to be denied. Then, in a last attempt at a buzzer beater to win, Newberry fired off one last shot. It hit the rim, circled once, and fell out, giving the Panthers a narrow victory.

Derrick Edington of the Panthers said, “This was a really exciting game….We shot good from the line tonight, especially in the last quarter, when they really counted.”

About the last stand on defense, he added, “We have stressed defense all year long, and we had a lot of confidence. We knew we could do it and we came away with the win.”

Pickford statistics: Derrick Edington 22, Wyatt Boik 16. Jimmy Storey six, Nick Edington five, Joey Boik two. Free throws: 7-13. Fouls: 13. 3-point field goals: two (Wyatt Boik two).

Newberry statistics: George Severns 15, Casey Wendt eight, John Paramski seven, Seth Groenhout seven, Ryan Archer seven, Cameron Brockman four, Alex Johnson two. Free throws: 5-12. Fouls: 14. 3-point field goals: three (Severns two, Paramski one).

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