2017-04-06 / Opinion

Increase Accessibility to Good Meals to Those Who Need It Most

To the Editor:

While it is incredibly important to move the culture away from a reliance on fast food, it is crucial that we understand which populations are loyal to fast food, and why.

Many Americans can learn to choose a healthier way of life, but others don’t have a choice. A low-income single mother with three children cannot be expected to spend $40 at a good restaurant rather than $15 at a fast food place.

Some efforts may be educating some disadvantaged children about nutrition, but that doesn’t place in their pockets the $10 required to afford a better meal.

Healthier options are becoming more widely available, and that is a good development. The United States still needs to focus on how we can increase the accessibility of those meals in order to cater to those less fortunate.

Don Howe

St. Ignace

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Time is one answer. With more

Time is one answer. With more time, a mother can make a healthy meal for less than $15. But if she is working two part- time jobs at minimum wage it is hard to see her finding more time to shop and prepare her meal..which suggests another answer: a higher minimum wage, to a level that allows her a $40 restaurant meal once in a while. Bill Diem

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