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Les Cheneaux

By Helen Shoberg
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The following report was from the Les Cheneaux News of May 4, 1989:

A letter from Jinny and Tony Edwards of Columbus, Ohio, and who are summer residents of Woodland Park, told of an old letter that someone sent to their son, Jack, this winter. The letter was found in the old Urie home many years ago. The letter was dated 1915, and was written by Jinny’s father, the late Eli Speidel of Batavia, Ohio. It informed Charlie Urie that the Speidels were having a cottage built nearby on LaSalle Island, telling him about the posts and logs that he wanted. Jinny, who spent her early summertime years on Big LaSalle, said that the letter was fun to read. The cottage, built in 1925, faced Urie Bay, and the site has been occupied by the family ever since.

First Union Church of Cedarville will have its annual Mother’s Day banquet Wednesday, May 10. The affair will be a potluck this year, and advance tickets will be sold for $1. Entertainment for the evening will feature Marion Farero’s puppet show. Helping with the show will be Jennie Montague, Sarah Foster, Daniel Foster, and Stacey Kester.

It is with great sorrow that we learned of the recent death of J. Barr Haines, who, with his wife, Isobel Sheppard Haines, has summered at Les Cheneaux since before their marriage 52 years ago. Barr, as he was known, died in Bermuda of a heart attack. Barr’s wife, Isobel, is the daughter of Thomas and Jessie Sheppard, who were early summer residents of Les Cheneaux. Sheppard Bay, a familiar name in Les Cheneaux, was named after their family.

Mackinac Island isn’t the only place for horses, wagons, and a trip back in time. It was a unique experience this past week for the children of the Les Cheneaux Cooperative Nursery School to have an old-fashioned hayride. Earl Duncan, who is seen frequently driving his team and wagon down Meridian Street, took these enthusiastic youngsters on a short, but never-to-be-forgotten trip from the First Union Church in Cedarville to the Dog House restaurant. When they arrived, there was a special table set up for 20 little bodies, and an appropriate luncheon of French fries, chicken nuggets, pop, and ice-cream cones was served. What a fine thing for Earl to make this effort for the little ones at the nursery school. I’m sure they will always remember him for that experience.

Seen this week having returned from their winter of rest and relaxation were Bernie and Archie Dunn, home from Texas. Also returned are Gary and Francis Shoberg, Bev and Marty Vandergeest, and Sam and Marge Hansen, all back from Florida. More summer friends floating about town were Tom and Heloise Jarret, Don Horsburgh, and Mary and Bud Richards.

A phone call just informed me that the Cason Calloway, a freighter coming into the Michigan Limestone in Cedarville, ran aground. Right now it’s between “a rock and a hard place,” somewhere off Beavertail Point.

Builders are busy, dock men are busy, and the local marinas are putting in boats as fast as they can get them in. The sleepy little towns of Cedarville and Hessel are awakening and coming out of their wintertime hibernation, turning smiling and welcoming faces toward the annual tourist season once again. We have our order in for good weather, higher water, good fishing, and hope that everyone who visits Cedarville and Hessel this coming summer will have a wonderful vacation.

Another Mother’s Day has passed. Aside from my birthday, this has always been a wonderful day for me. Could it be because I am a mother? Anyway, gifts are not the important thing. A phone call, card, or quick visit are all things that mean so much. Thanks to children all over, young or old, for remembering their mother on this very special day.

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