2017-06-22 / Columns


By Linda Livermore

The sights, sounds, and smells of the season have arrived in full force, and so has the ever-changing weather. High temperatures, rain, downpours, wind, and low temperatures have made for an almost hour-by-hour change.

The big yellow bus has made its last run for this school year. The youngsters are delighted; the parents, not so much. Now the words being spoken are: “I’m bored.” “How come we never have anything good to eat?” “Can I have a friend over?” “Do I have to clean my room?” As adults, we know how fast time slips away, and all too soon it will be fall.

Tiny town condolences to Sue (nee Kerridge) Crittenden of Alpena, whose husband Mike passed away February 5 at their home.

The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians will once again have their youth powwow at the Garnet Lake Park and ball field and pavilion complex late in July.

Back at her home on Hiawatha Trail is Evelyn Selby, who had spent the greater part of last year and a few months of this one with her daughters, Tina in Colorado and June in Louisiana. Condolences to Evelyn on the passing of her brother, Lowell Sanders, during the winter months.

Continuing words of encouragement for those who are dealing with health issues. Among them are Sally Frazier, Bob Hartwig, LuAnn Maudrie, Ken Hollinger, Bill Baker, John Matchinski’s daughter, Jennifer Wing, and Lonnie Wyse.

Birthday wishes, some belated, to Rob Chaffin, Shauna Chaffin, and Anne Becker June 14, Greg King and Tyler Freeman June 15, Jeanne Krenek Trudy Zimmerman, and Michael Klobucher June 16, Hali Butkovich, David Ionetz, and our niece, Heather Livermore Arnold, June 18, Bill Wagner and Chad Gouza Sr. June 19, Olivia Vaughn, Shannon Browning, and Cindy Bell Hartwig June 20, Kenny Oven and Ken Troyer June 21, Jack Tippett, Barb Kerridge, Lesa Rice, and Kaylee Albright June 22, Hannah DeMenter and Ken King June 23, Danny Spencer June 24, and my brother, Ron Beaudoin, my nephew, Mike Livermore, and my niece, Robyn Browning Albrecht, June 26.

Anniversary wishes, some belated, to Duncan and Sherry MacArthur June 15, Shawn and Nicole Clark June 16, Howard and Holly Smith June 17, Wayne and Laura Flatt and Gene and Jane Beaudoin June 20, Brian and Corrina Gouza June 21, and Steve and Trudy Zimmerman June 22.

I joined my sisters, Diana Davis, Lana Danielson, and Teri Sherbrook, and my sister-in-law, Sharon Beaudoin, on a short getaway to commemorate what would have been our mother, Nona Goldwood Fraleigh’s, 90th birthday on June 19. Mom passed away in 2013.

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