2017-07-27 / Opinion

We Need To Know Who Is Coming Here


To the Editor:

In response to Don Howe’s letter about immigrants in America, published in the July 20 issue, the type of immigrants our grandparents were, and the type of people coming into this country now, differ in many ways.

When our grandparents came to America, it was done the legal way. Every one of them had to register with customs, and they were not looking for any handouts; they worked at any kind of job that was available and made it on their own.

Now a lot of the people coming here think that just getting here entitles them to health care, food stamps, and a roof over their heads, without contributing anything to the country.

Where does that leave Americans, who have been out of work because jobs are being given to people who are not citizens? No one is keeping anyone out of this country because of race, color, or religion. We just need to know who is coming here, and that is not asking much to keep Americans and America safe.

Robert Denstedt

St. Ignace

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