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Rudyard Lions Announce Summerfest 5K, Triathlon Results

The overall winners for the 5K run were Hunter Aldridge of Brentwood, California, with 19.08, and Erin Cornwell of Rudyard with 23.51, when the 21st annual Rudyard Lions Summerfest Triathlon and 5K Run took place Sunday, July 30, in Rudyard, for participants competing in the 5K run, triathlon, and team triathlon. Taking first overall in the reverse triathlon male division was Stephen Eles of Houghton with 1:09.28, and in the female division, the overall winner was Cindy Duby of Traverse City with 1:23.06.

In the age group categories for the triathlon, in the female division 19 and younger age group, Autumn Eles of Houghton (1:31.18) came in first place, and Alaina Eles of Houghton (1:40.15) came in second place. In the female 20-29 age group, Alisha Thompson of Grand Rapids (1:43.35) came in first place, while in the same age group for males, Kyle Loup of Brimley (1:20.21) came in first place. For the 30-39 male age group, A.J. Pirilo of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, (1:20.22) came in first place, while Marc Striukas of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, (1:27.39) came in second place. In the female 30-39 age group, Laura Bjorklund of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, (1:45.30) came in first place.

In the male 40-49 age category, in first place was Hans Kabat of Bangkok, Thailand, (1:24.28). The top female in the 40-49 age division was Rachel McCoy of Sault Ste. Marie (1:25.30). Finishing first in the male 50-59 age group was Timothy Rogers of Sault Ste. Marie (1:44.17). First in the 50-59 female class was Nancy Krusic of Manistique (1:40.29). In second place was Christine Olesak of Gladstone (1:44.43), and third place went to Donna Winkel of Manistique (1:50.27). In the 60-69 group the first place male was Phil Dansdill of Sault Ste. Marie (1:46.14), while in the female 60-69 group, Marg Meinke of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, (1:46.48) placed first. In the 80 and older age group, Gary Lee of Traverse City (2:14.42) was the top male.

The Lions Challenge team event was won by the “Bruise Brothers” of St. Ignace (1:16.47), with second place going to “Triple Sec” of St. Ignace (1:17.31). In third place was the “Rudyard Lions NTG” team of Rudyard (1:26.05). The winner of the Lions Challenge receives a $250 prize that is made towards the charity of their choice.

The 5K run fielded several good races; in the male 11 and younger, Cody Aldridge of Brentwood, California, (20.09) was first, followed by Chase Aldridge of Brentwood, California, (24.36). Finishing in first place in the 20-29 male age group was Kody Stieve of Sault Ste. Marie (26.38). In second place was Joshua Barens of Diamondale, Arizona, (29.43). In the female 20- 29 grouping, first place went to Anna Slack of Harbor Springs (29.15), and second place went to Carly Baker of Lansing (29.49).

The 30-39 year old female division found Charlotte Folkersma of Sault Ste. Marie finishing first (24.33). In the same age group for males, Michael Pirillo of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, (21.33) finished first. The male 40-49 division was won by Rob Bjorklund of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, (25.49) in first place, with Sean Nicklas of Kinross (26.56) coming in second place, while in the female grouping of 40- 49 Christine Witkowski of Glastonbury, Connecticut, (26.30) finished first.

Al Witkowski of Glastonbury, Connecticut, (25.13) took first place in the 50-59 male age group. The 60-69 male age group saw Alan Jarvie of Fibre (23.17) in first place, with second place to David Borck of Grand Rapids (38.36). In the 60 and older female race, first place went to Linda Borck of Grand Rapids (26.26), and second place went to Laurie Herman of Cincinnati, Ohio, (28.17). The male 70 and older category was won by John Johnson of Indian River (31.18), while in the female 70 and older division, Dorothy Johnson of Indian River (41.56) came in first place.

Complete detailed results for all competitors are available on the Rudyard Lions Triathlon Web site (www.rudyardlionstriathlon.com) or the Upper Peninsula Road Runners Club Web site (uprrc.com).

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