2017-08-24 / Opinion

This DeTour Reader Pops for A Buck Every Week…And Here’s Why


To the Editor:

Thanks for your publication, a tribute to tenacity, when hundreds of newspapers and thousands of monthly and quarterly rags have bitten the dust. Tough environment when the competition is binary code.

The real refreshment: no national daily bloodshed and political chaos. Too, the absence of color, pie charts, bar graphs, A.L.A., USA Today, with single paragraph synopsis…. “Urgent, the World Ends Tomorrow.”

The primary reason (to pop for a buck each week), however, is the Preston’s Observer crossword puzzle. It’s tough, entertaining, always challenging, not as wrenching as Will’s New York Times on Friday, but who cares for Manhattan elitism?

I’m able to do yours in an hour… sometimes a few days, often accompanied by coffee stains (last week’s sample enclosed). Sorry about the stationery – I left the good stuff in Indiana.

We live on a 40-mile cul-de-sac, so I threw my cell phone into a dumpster during the second H.W. Bush Administration, a big plus when you live in a place where time stands still.

Have a good day, every day, and keep up the good work.

Charles Spiher

DeTour Village

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