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New Appointments Made To Fill Vacancies for Mackinac Island Municipal Boards

By Jacob A. Ball

Mackinac Island Mayor Margaret Doud announced November 3 her selections to fill six seats on municipal boards and commissions, replacing members who had resigned, retired, and/or moved off the Island.

They are:

• Neal Liddicoat to the Board of Public Works, in place of Armand “Smi” Horn, who retired and moved off the Island.

• Councilor Dennis Bradley to Mr. Horn’s former seat on the Cemetery Board.

• Sam Barnwell to a Cemetery Board seat vacated by Mark Chambers, who resigned.

• Mackinac Island State Park Manager Sue Topham to a Recreation Board seat formerly held by Nicole Riccinto, who resigned.

• Ben Horn to the Veterans Committee in place of ex-City Foreman Sid DeHaan, who retired November 3.

• Nancy Porter to the Historic District Commission in place of former Chairperson Jennifer King, who resigned. Commission members will elect a new chairperson at their next meeting.

At the November 3 meeting, the council also awarded a contract to Anger Monuments of Mancelona for headstones to be placed on previously unmarked graves in Island cemeteries and approved a $2,550 increase in what the city will pay Mr. Barnwell’s landscaping firm for hanging floral baskets around town next summer.

The council had accepted Mr. DeHaan’s retirement October 25, promoted Assistant City Foreman Mike Ruddle as his replacement, and approved a motion by Councilor Anneke Myers to draft the resolution honoring him, which will be presented Monday, November 20. Mayor Doud thanked him for his years in charge of the maintenance department.

Members approved a bid of $864 from Roger Anger of Anger Monuments for the four headstones to be placed this winter, if possible, two on graves in the Bazinaw family plot and two on graves in the Francis family plot. Mr. Ruddle, who has been tracing gravesites, said the Francis graves are from the early 20th century and the Bazinaw graves are from mid-century, likely the 1960s. Council members thanked Paul Wandrie and Mr. Horn for bringing the need for grave markers to their attention.

The city will pay Barnwell Landscaping $26,350 to hang and maintain 190 floral baskets in the summer of 2018, an increased cost of $15 per basket, or about $2,500, that Mr. Barnwell said is to cover higher expenses in caring for them, damage, and theft. Mr. Barnwell, who will donate 20 of the baskets, he said, “to show our support for this great program,” will design and cultivate the new arrangements this winter and water the baskets seven days a week during summer.

The council asked if Mr. Barnwell would maintain the baskets for an additional week, into October, for the same price and he agreed. They will be hung at the beginning of June and maintained until Monday, October 8, 2018.

The council approved several temporary motor-vehicle permits, effective November 1 under a revised ordinance. Councilor Jason St. Onge said he’s happy the council is enforcing the provision on the Island, which prohibits motorized transport during the main tourism season. The council has rejected permit requests for pickup trucks hauling workers and equipment, pointing out horses and drays should be used to handle loads weighing less than 3,000 pounds.

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