2017-12-07 / Opinion

Comments on the Article About Wolf Protection

To the Editor:

I would like to comment on the article, “Wolves Remain on Federal Endangered Species List; No Hunts Allowed” (November 16). [The article refers] to the group, “Keep Michigan Wolves Protected” as an animal rights group when, in fact, their Facebook page states they are “a coalition of conservation groups, animal welfare organizations, wildlife professionals, hunters, ranchers, and other Michigan citizens working to protect Michigan’s fragile wolf population.”

[The article] also acknowledges that ballot initiatives were passed by Michigan voters in 2014 to continue protecting wolves rather than allow trophy hunting of these magnificent creatures, yet states that, “Many believe that wolves are not endangered and should be removed from the endangered species list for Michigan.” Really? Then why did they vote to continue protecting wolves?

It should be noted that the wolf population is decreasing, from 658 in 2013 to 618 in 2016, with hunters killing only 22 in 2013. The numbers are decreasing even when hunting is halted.

Wolves are a wonderful part of the fabric of the Upper Peninsula. They deserve to be respected and protected unless there have been documented problems with particular animals. Please publish articles that are unbiased …in the future and not slanted against wolves.

Susan DeGroff


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