Citizens Can See Government At Work

Sunshine Laws: Your Rights Under Open Meetings Act, Freedom of Information

Every citizen has the right under Michigan and federal law to know what government is doing. Passed in 1976, the Michigan Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act allow access to official documents and public meetings so citizens can see how their money is being spent and what public servants are doing. “These laws help avoid corruption,” said […]

Spring Stories

St. Patrick’s Day Is Theme For Library’s

Will Development Effort Find Place in County Priorities?

Budget shortfalls lie ahead for the county, commissioners say, and as they began prioritizing their goals for use of the county’s money in the coming years, they questioned whether earmarking funding for economic development efforts will find a place among those priorities. A committee named by the commissioners has suggested using the county’s Foreclosure Fund, currently at about $1 million, […]

Council Defends City Pool Closure

St. Ignace City Council members, at a council meeting Monday, March 19, defended their closing of the public swimming pool this summer by saying the facility has been losing money and the city does not have the money or the manpower to prepare it for the summer. They addressed about 10 citizens who attended the meeting Monday night, but offered […]

Toll Software In Works For Bridge

Changes Could Speed Passage at Booth

Traveling through the toll booth at the Mackinac Bridge could be expedited with new electronic tolling software soon to be developed, easing the bridge’s transition toward accepting debit and credit card payments. The Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) will join the International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie and the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron in paying for the development of […]

Mackinaw City To Replace Docks

The Village of Mackinaw City will replace a fixed dock in its marina with a floating dock this year. Meeting Thursday, March 15, the Mackinaw City Village Council also approved an application for a grant to purchase a piece of property on North Huron Street and discussed water damage to one of the village’s buildings. Floating docks automatically adjust with […]

Two Place High in U.P. Bee

Parking Rules Get Scrutiny

At Clark Township, Blanket Ordinance May Not Be Best

In a community that is already strapped for parking spaces, Clark Township is pondering how to set fair parking rules that discourage abuse, and that are enforceable. The Clark Township Planning Commission offered Tuesday, March 13 to help formulate the rules if the township board wants them to. Commissioners cited abuses where cars are left in parking spots for days […]

Two New Fundraisers Planned For Les Cheneaux Community Recreation

Both the Clark Township Recreation Committee and Hessel Beach Committee will pursue new fundraising ideas this year. Their proposals were approved, 3-0, by the township board Thursday, March 15. The recreation committee will not produce a calendar this year, which, for the past several years, has been the group’s main fundraiser for The Snows Heritage Park for the advertising fell […]

St. Ignace Council Pay Reported For 2011

St. Ignace City Council members and the mayor were compensated a total of $19,420 for 2011. City Council members receive $70 for each regular Council meeting attended and $60 for committee meetings; the mayor receives $80 for each Council meeting attended and $70 for committee meetings or for representing the city at public events. City Council is made up of […]